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Glass Balustrade
Glass Balustrade and Stairs

Firman Glass supplies toughened glass products for use in glass balustrade systems to some of the largest architectural metalwork companies in England. Our comprehensive glass processing facilities are continually being upgraded to ensure our glass is of the highest quality.

FirmaTuff is suitable for use in two and four edge supported infill panel barriers and provides the highest level of safety for structural balustrades where the glass is clamped only by its bottom edge.

Our sales and technical departments will offer advice regarding the correct use of toughened glass and where toughened and laminated glass should be used.

Our glass for balustrade use is available in clear float, low iron glass, satin etched glass or body tinted glass. We also offer a range of decorative finishes including sandblasting, digitally printed interlayers, and Vanceva coloured film interlayers.


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