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Firman Glass manufactures a comprehensive range of toughened glass products under the industry recognised Firmatuff logo banner to cover a multitude of end uses from Architectural, through to retail and domestic to a maximum size of 3000mm wide x 5000mm long and up to 19mm thick in its monolithic form.

The base product for Firmatuff logo toughened glass is annealed soda-lime silica glass. The raw material is subjected to a heat treatment process, which induces a compressive stress to the surfaces of the glass panel. This increase in compressive stress increases the resistance to mechanical forces. Generally, toughened glass is five times stronger than the same thickness of annealed glass which when fractured breaks The balanced internal stresses created during this heating process causes the glass to shatter into small, granular chunks instead of the more dangerous jagged shards of non toughened glass.

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