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UV Bonding

ultraviolet bonding
ultraviolet bonding

Firman Glass has been manufacturing UV bonded constructions for many years and has supplied to numerous high class establishments such as Harrods and Selfridges, plus high end residential and Cruise Liners including QEII.

Our expertise enables us to assist with all technical aspects of the design.

UV glass bonding techniques allow us to bond glass to glass and numerous other substrates. Using UV adhesives the finished bond is crystal clear in appearance, with the bond being stronger than the glass itself.

Most UV bonded glass constructions use Optiwhite low iron glass by Pilkington giving true clarity and clean lines. Low iron virtually eliminates the green hue inherent in our standard clear glass. This is especially noticeable on exposed, polished edges and thicker glass such as tabletops.

The process of bonding using adhesive cured by ultra violet (UV) light leaves a finished bond which is crystal clear or highly transparent and depending on the type of adhesive: very hard or elastic. The special advantage of these adhesives is their easy and clean application as well as extremely short curing times and high stability.

Please contact our sales or technical departments for further advice on particular applications.

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